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It's tea time.

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Our Featured Seasonal Drinks

Spring Featured - Galaxy Tea - 2019 (Website Version).jpg

Galaxy Tea

3..2..1..Blast off! Introducing our Galaxy Tea made with whimsical Butterfly Pea Flowers. Don’t be fooled by the mesmerizing colors of this drink, it is full of antioxidants and vitamins that is sure to make you feel out of this world.

Spring Charity - Pomegranate Starling (Website Version)- 2019.jpg

Pomegranate Starling

Sencha Tea Bar is helping create stars this season through our partnership with The Billingsley School of Music and Art. Enjoy a refreshing and sweet Pomegranate Starling tea all spring and we will donate part of the proceeds from each drink sold to help support the artistic dreams of the new generation!


Sencha Tea Bar is the premier frontier of loose leaf tea in Minnesota, with a presence in Madison, WI. Sencha’s large and growing selection of loose leaf teas guarantees to satisfy the most demanding and eclectic taste of traditional tea drinkers. Bubble tea, originating from Taiwan, combines freshly brewed teas with a large variety of exotic natural fruit concentrates, served cold with delicious chewy tapioca pearls.

We're proud to provide you the highest quality teas, hand-selected from the finest international growers. Community comes first at Sencha, and our community is global. We aim to transform and empower the lives of our customers and employees through patient reflection found at the end of a cup of tea. No task is too small and no goal is too lofty for us, and we believe in the bottomless well that is the power of a unified community. We come together over a pensive, traditional cup of sencha and find the unity and equity in between us. Alone, we are strong, but together we are undefeatable.